I’m guessing you’re here to learn more about me, or find something I use or recommend, so here we go…

I work in web design, ecommerce and digital media β€” creating websites, content and systems, for people to do more good things with them. My aim in life, as instilled by my ever thoughtful mother and inspired by my eternally caring dad, is simply to; leave things better than I find them.

This blog is a place to share my discoveries and inspirations.

I'm always learning, and enjoying the work of others, through their articles, apps and creations. I felt it only right to also publish my insights, appreciating the thought that so many put into sharing theirs.

With the obligation of our shared social contract to contribute β€” we can all benefit as a team and community when we are open to the value in sharing.

I thrive on making the complex simpler, the craft & nuances of multi-media communication, and automations to do more with less β€” sharing stories from all those that inspire me along the way.

Having made many websites for others over the years, I've finally made time for a personal site. It's a journal for my adventures, with and without technology, including articles, templates, and the tools I use.

Why have a blog?

Somewhat for the FAQs I attract, as a memento of answers and ideas.

It's a collection & expansion of thoughts that may otherwise be lost in timelines and inboxes β€” for sharing the things we talk about, as an audience from anywhere may find similar enjoyment in these subjects too.

The articles are often inspired by conversations with friends & colleagues. My findings are then published to help you learn in minutes what might have taken years.

Seeing time as a currency, I aim to help people save time from the almost infinite distractions and confusions there can be online β€” and the robotic work computers can either inflict on you, or save you from β€” to focus on creating, entertaining and enabling.

There's so much information online now, so many options and opinions. We need to share our real-world experiences to get through it all β€” make decisions we'll be happy with for a long time, and regain focus for what you'd rather be doing, or need to do, that no computer can.

So, this is a place for the many things I've tried, tested, and recommend β€” based on common interests and stories I find along the way.

I'd love to learn more from the ideas these posts may lead to, so please share your feedback, questions & recommendations wherever you find me.

I also hope to encourage more people to blog and share your portfolio of experience and ideas. Build something for you and your connections, as a more permanent place to follow your story.

Creating and publishing is a great motivation to do more of the things that add real value and interest to your life, those you care for, and the many people we can work and share our varied lives with.

If you want to make a simple website like this (anyone can, and I hope you will), there's a step-by-step guide to get you going.

Thank you for your interest. If I can help in any way, let me knowβ€” and if I already have, please do subscribe & share.


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