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I’m on a mission to find the perfect software for all kinds of business and personal development needs.

On this journey, I’ll share as many of my learnings as I can, here and on various social media channels, to find the best setups for you to enjoy your own quests more, too.

If I can start by asking you a question:

What brought you to my website, today?

Once you’ve had a read, please feel free to ping me a message. I’m always keen to learn more, see if there’s something specific I can help solve, and hear your advice on what you’d like to see or learn about.

The first question we tend to ask ourselves about anyone is:

What can I learn from you?

(If you were thinking; what can you do for me? That goes both ways.)

Shared experience tends to create the most value we can offer.

So, here we are, and here we go…

September 2023 update

Some things are more difficult to write than others, sometimes technically, sometimes from lack of inspiration, and sometimes from the fear of interpretation, or advantage seeking.

I feel it’s the right time to share a personal story that, I hope, may at least give pause for thought on how quickly life changes, and remind that we only get each day once.

In 2020, I lost my elderly business partner of 18 years (83). Then, after a long battle, 6-months later I lost my Dad (70) to Parkinson’s.

From 2020 to now, September 2023, I have just not had time to publish anything here β€” with all the things that still need to be done, after people are gone. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll write any more on this, but I to try to take an interest in other’s stories, as we are all connected.

To get through difficulties, I try to learn from them β€” keeping notes on thoughts, details that might otherwise be forgotten, and ways to navigate the unexpected in life.

I write in the hope we can all help others a little more β€” and in thanks for the help from those that made time for me when I couldn’t.

Reading and writing is a gift. In my remaining time, I hope to do all I can to encourage both β€” for all the many benefits it can have to the mind, spirit, and connections that give us purpose and meaning.

Back to blogging

With the advent of AI, our digital creations can now be turned into avatars of our unique experience and perspectives in our brief time.

The investment we make in creating, and sharing, now has a unique, and unprecedented, freedom to travel in space, and time.

Blogging as a public and social good

Blogging is, more so, just a great way to show and share β€” with a website you can grow over a lifetime.

I hope to encourage more people to learn and try, too.

Create one link to the things that interest you; the things you use, like, or experience β€” and for all the things you wish you’d known before.

Publishing challenges you to a higher standard in your endeavours.

Making time to write and record is your responsibility to those following, or relying on you β€” and thanks to those that guided you, for what they shared.

Public profiles and content assets

Blogging is unique in that it is an asset for both the teams and organisations we work with, and the profile for expertise that they benefit from us projecting. Search engines, particularly now, look specifically for this personally accountable authority on given subjects.

Tools of the trade

If you’re here to learn more about my work, the tools I use and recommend, or to do something similar β€” this is where I’m up to…

I work in online communications, systems development, and digital media β€” creating websites, software setups, and content β€” for people to do and create more good things with them.

Everyone and thing needs a purpose

My aim in life, as instilled by my ever thoughtful mother, and inspired by my eternally caring dad, is to leave things better than I find them.

This blog is a place to share my discoveries and inspirations, time permitting, and an example of personal blogging that anyone can do β€” to also offer insight on your specialist subjects, and interests.

With the obligation of our shared social contract, to contribute more than we consume, I like to think that we all win from growing a network of experience.

When we invest in sharing β€” to earn our reciprocations, before asking for something we need, as we surely will β€” we’ll never be without options.

Communications and journalism

I thrive on making the complex simpler, the craft and nuances of communication, and building automations β€” all to achieve more with less, and see the real-world results that people work and hope for.

The challenges I find, to research and solve, become the stories and inspirations to publish β€” and solutions for many more, on their quests.

Having created many websites and systems for others over the years, I’m finally making a little time for my own.

This is a journal for my adventures, with and without technology, including articles, templates, and the tools I find useful along the way.


For the FAQs I tend to get, I can publish the answers in more depth, and share the capabilities born from them.

These articles are often inspired by conversations with friends and colleagues, working across many industries and endeavours, where the needs are often the same:

What’s the best app/company/solution/thing for {{insert challenge}}?

I publish my findings to help you learn in minutes, what could have otherwise taken years β€” or never happened, at all.

Growing a body of work in public

It’s a collection and expansion of thoughts that would otherwise be lost in timelines and inboxes β€” for sharing the things that are made to bring you joy and success, in putting your audience’s experience first.

And, the internet just wouldn’t be what it is without blogging β€” where anyone, from anywhere, can so quickly find and benefit from these shared experiences β€” all documented by the enthusiasm and generosity of others.

The duty to return goodwill, motivates me more than anything.

Trading time

With time as a currency, I aim to help save you from the almost infinite distractions and confusions there can be online β€” with abundant competing information β€” where I may have already found, or created, a happier solution.

The robotic work of computers can be inflicted upon you with, or save you from, repetitive chores (aka werk) β€” to focus on creating, entertaining, and enabling the good times in life.

Information overload

There’s so much information online now β€” with many options, and even more opinions β€” there’s a very real need for curating research & development.

We need to share our real-world experiments, experiences, and successes, that are relatable and human β€” to counter to the growing abundance of AI-generated content, that has no experience of its own, and bears no consequences for its output.

We all want to make decisions we can rely on, for a long time to come β€” so we can retain focus on what we’d rather be doing, or need to do, that no computer can.

Engaging for inspiration

I’d love to learn more from any discoveries or ideas these posts may lead to.

So, please share your questions & recommendations β€” wherever you find me.

Leading by example

I also hope to use this website as a working example β€” to encourage more people to blog β€” and show you how to share your portfolio of work, expertise, and creations β€” for all the reciprocations it can then inspire.

Your legacy

Build something for you, and your connections, as a more permanent place to share your story, insights β€” and to help others learn from your journey, too.

Creating and publishing is a great motivation to do more of the things that add real value and interest to life.


Then, we can truly do better for our communities β€” knowing we have an audience we owe it to, for their equally important time and attention.

Blogging and forums are some of the best ways to find others that are also looking for like-minds β€” to compare notes with, collaborate, and exchange support as a community.

Copy me

If you want to make a simple website like this (anyone can, and I hope you will), there’s a step-by-step guide to get you going with Ghost, the easiest platform I know that anyone can start with.

If you need something a bit more advanced, there’s not much I don’t know about WordPress, after 20 years with it now. Try me.

(This website is also my base design & build framework, with WordPress, all optimised for speed, accessibility, and search engines. I have quite a few more notes and links I hope to share on this, too.)

Thank you

Thank you for reading, or at least scrolling, this far β€” it helps “the algorithm”.

If I can help in any way, let me know β€” and if I already have, as they say, please do like & subscribe for more.



One more thing

P.S. The question at the beginning (What brought you to my website, today?) the answer wasn’t for me, it was for you:

Remember why you’re here β€” and get that one thing you’re looking for the answer to, solved for good.

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