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For a quick chat, message me on 𝕏 (FKA Twitter), or LinkedIn:


For longer conversations, please email:

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(Please introduce yourself via X/Twitter, LinkedIn, or email, first.)

Discovery call

For new clients, book a free call to introduce to your mission, targets, and needs β€” and discuss any recommendations, with my compliments.

Support call

For existing clients, book a call to discuss a need, or show me an issue β€” for a quick diagnosis or further research.

Project update call

For existing clients, book a call to discuss project progress and plans, new information, or work through current priorities.

Training Call

For existing clients, book a call to get yourself or team up to speed on a setup, best-practice, and working by example.

By default, I use Jitsi for calls. It's free to use, secure, private β€” and doesn't need software installation, since it just works through any browser.

Otherwise, I'm happy to take invites to join calls with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or whatever other video and screen-sharing tool you prefer. Just let me know in the calendar invite notes.

Contract terms and payment details

My insights, introductions, and discussion time are free.

For productised-services and partnerships, I work on creating assets that will earn a measurable return on investment, on a project-by-project basis.

I work with a maximum of four concurrent projects at any one time, often less, to ensure that all make regular progress, and I have enough autonomy to still add value whilst waiting on feedback, assets, or actionable data. Often, needs are common, so the insights from one project, can benefit others.

To prevent conflicts of interest, I only work with one client per sector and region at a time, with confidentiality and data protection assurances.

Quotes and invoices

For consultancy services quoting and invoicing, please ensure I have your account's contact name, registered address, phone, and email.

Payment references

With payments, please include my invoice number, or the product name, in your online payment description.


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