This is my (Marcus Quinn’s) personal website for personal use in publishing thoughts and information on my personal experiences, for your own personal interest and educational or entertainment review, without prejudice.

It is a mixture of personal, digital and professional content, and composed informally as-such.

To review my professional writing on these same subjects, please see my latest work at

Privacy policy pages are generally now obligatory for detailing responsibilities, scopes for data storage, usage and expectations, and often necessary to have a link to when subscribing to other services, for example; with payment providers and integration services like social logins and hosting or messaging services. Search engines also like to know your website has one, too, for their assessment of credibility and their users’ expectations for online professional etiquette. So, here we are…

Any information you may add to this site or related platforms in likes, follows and comments will be in the public domain and, although I will aim to oblige any reasonable moderation or deletion requests, I do not block search engines that may already have made copies of pages for their archives, indexing and whatever other content-marketing services they may engage in that I have no control over.

If you’re not sure about commenting publicly and irrevocably, with the almost eternal records the public internet seems to create nowadays, that’s also fine and understandable, .

I have sole access to my email, which I endeavour to keep private and personal by using only secure connections and reputable services. However, email itself is not typically an impermeable method of transmission to determined snoops, most likely with the weaker link being at your end, so it's always good to think carefully about what you put in writing because it's not impossible or completely within my control that other unexpected persons could one day also view it.

PGP encrypted email, available in the Thunderbird email client, and other methods of secure messaging are available.

Names and email addresses are stored for subscribers, so that my mailing-list management systems can email you updates from this website, if you so-wish. You don't have to use your real name and identifiable email address if you don't want, I don't mind.

The most secure and green, anonymous and encrypted webmail provider I know is Posteo. Alternatively, there's self-hosting — if you're also unimpressed with the reassurances of providers, that also have advertising businesses, benefiting from knowing more about your purchase, interests, connections, and conversations. I don't even know why they bother expensively over-engineering these data-mining things sometimes, when creative people can create a far more effective advertising campaigns with little more than some life-experience and an empathetic imagination.

Contact details you share with me will be stored on my encrypted web-servers, encrypted backups, and encrypted personal computers and devices. Kept on around a dozen storage drives, all encrypted and password protected with modern key algorithms, they are pretty safe. If you are unsure in any way, just stick to following me on any other platform — where I'll post links to the latest articles. You can trust their privacy policies instead — since you already imply acceptance of them through usage.

No other private or sensitive data is stored on my servers without a minimum of strong password protection and logged activities, in the spirit of remaining at-best uninteresting and of no value to bad actors.

All consultancy and business correspondence is treated in confidence. I may publish de-personalised articles on my experience, or personalised with your written permission, so please do say in our written correspondence if there are any areas you'd prefer me not to. For the avoidance of doubt; feedback, reviews, and testimonials I will consider to be expected to be published publicly, again unless specifically requested otherwise.

While we are here, and in-light or recent notable platform breeches, it's worth assuming that direct messages (DMs) can still be discovered beyond those corresponding, or simply published by either party. Again, we're all respectful here, but just be careful out there, and I'll aim to publish more on these subjects too for helping with general awareness of personal information safety online.

I'll contact you back if you contact me first. If you don't want any more email updates from this website, just click the unsubscribe link in any of them and that should be the last, unless you re-subscribe.

If you want to spam my email, I don't know why you'd bother, but one email is enough for me to gauge interest. Otherwise, I'll add the domain to automated rejection rules.

I do reply to legitimate and interesting correspondence though, and please don't be concerned if that takes some time, we're all in the same high-volumes of email and messages boat nowadays.

If you need me to delete any personal information, it could be quite a chore, depending on how much correspondence and related records we have generated, but I will make all reasonable efforts to oblige. Otherwise, it remains personal in as much I must also trust your personal data management etiquette and obligations too.

Your data is your data, sending me anything does not assume any transfer of copyright or ownership in any way unless specifically detailed by you in your accompanying writing.

My data and content creation is mine, as identified in my publishing here, on related channels or personal and private storage. I will assume your same respect for privacy in anything I may share with you, too.

I don't resell personal data. Please don't ask to buy any from me, either.

I do occasional make direct personal introductions between trusted contacts for their potential interest in each other, with permission — although please do say if I offer you this, and you would prefer me not to, or to make your own introductions and mention our unprivileged collaborative networking and experience.

To manage the cookies and similar technologies used (tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.) and related consents, we use the consent tool "Real Cookie Banner". Details on how "Real Cookie Banner" works can be found at

The legal basis for the processing of personal data in this context are Art. 6 (1) lit. c GDPR and Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest is the management of the cookies and similar technologies used and the related consents.

The provision of personal data is neither contractually required nor necessary for the conclusion of a contract. You are not obliged to provide the personal data. If you do not provide the personal data, we will not be able to manage your consents.

Please see my Contributors Licence Agreement for all other scenarios whereby contributions are considered licensed for my own personal publishing, unless specified otherwise.

All hosting and software services used for this website and email correspondence are based within the EU.

European GDPR laws are likely not intended to cover our personal correspondence, and I still respect their spirit and aims in minimising unnecessary data-footprints from unintended exploitation, and the promotion of keeping their good citizens' data secure, encrypted and stored within the EU, or on personally controlled, encrypted, protected and tracked personal devices. These principles I expect will be studied and followed by more jurisdictions over time, for which I equally aim to respect in advance, with a default practice for minimising and containing any personal data, respecting our mutual needs for trust and confidence to speak and work freely.

Does that cover everything?

If you have any questions, recommendations or requests, please contact me — I'm here to talk about almost anything to do with online publishing, work and life.

You are free to copy or adapt this page for your own needs if you like, although you may not need something quite so verbose for personal use, and can equally find and modify something from an open-source document repository, like Docracy or similar, or ask me to have a look at anything if you think I may be able to help.

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