These excellent products and services, linked below, make this website and publishing possible.

I use, enjoy, and thoroughly recommend them all.

If you have a product or service you’d like me to try, and potentially independently review at my discretion, please do get in touch.


These providers are the only places that any data that you share with me exists — on servers within the EU, or on my personal and private computers, servers, and peripheral devices, for personal contact and communication use only.

Europe now has the infamous GDPR laws for data-privacy and ownership. They can be onerous for understanding where data can go, or be shared. However, I feel are equally a good example to the world — for a necessary awareness of the need to respect privacy in a civilised society, reliant on trust, and safety from harm.

I specifically do not use any non-EU services for hosting this website and the absolute minimum of 3rd-party services for this website, with encrypted secure connections between each. These choices and transparency are for your confidence that all communications we have, and content we share privately, are kept private and contained to the best of my abilities.

For any concerns with non-EU or privacy respecting 3rd-party services, I recommend browsing, as I also do, with Firefox (seems to handle hundreds of open tabs the best) or Vivaldi (supports all Chrome extensions).

This setup works well for me, makes hosting a WordPress blog, among other apps, very low-cost, and the easiest I know of for non-technical users, alike.

If you just want to get started on a blog, and think about other apps later, then Ghost and Digital Press is an equally great place to get started for free!

With Digital Press all the hosting and backups done for you. You can use for free, for as long as you like while drafting your site, before considering their paid options — or alternatives, like my self-hosting setup, and the further capabilities of WordPress.


I prefer the confidence in privacy with self-hosting, and transparency of peer-reviewed open-source software, with their reputational interests for security.


3rd-party content

All other content, imagery, graphics, code, files, templates, videos & audio are my original unique creations, reporting & curation. Copyright ©

This website is an independent personal project. Blogging is something I encourage every person or brand should find value in publishing, to grow alongside your career, creations, and life.

You can do the same with this step-by-step guide to using Ghost for your blog.

I use and recommend all the above platforms and services for their ease of use, value, and reliability.

My experience has all been made possible by the great people I work with, and has resulted in our latest work; the Brandlight platform for multilingual international ecommerce. Please do have a look if you’re in an organisation with interests and influence for building better systems to work with the world.

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