Over my career, I’ve worked for, with, recruited, and learned from hundreds of inspiring people. I’ve been fortunate to have collaborated with many, determined to add genuine value to the world, in creating more than any one of us could have alone.

Most of us are quietly building and doing — often not getting time to shout about our contributions, and preferring the results to speak for themselves.

This is just a small selection of comments I could capture from colleagues, partners, clients, and an extended network in industry forums and events.


When building businesses, we each become responsible for each other’s careers.

Having worked with Marcus on two separate occasions, within two different companies, he is a very talented individual who can turn his hand to many things. During our time together, he demonstrated his knowledge and skills with data, development, automation, management, UX, and online fulfilment; identifying improvements and being a hands-on part of the team implementing improvements.

Our time together started with the first online My Monopoly solution, allowing people to design their own Monopoly board and having it printed and delivered by Hasbro. This led to large-scale migrations to Enterprise-ready solutions, fulfilling thousands of online orders a day from multiple global locations. Marcus is a key individual who is completely committed to everything he works on, going above and beyond, and never shy’s away from challenges.
Software Development Manager at Biomni

In developing partnerships, we each become responsible for each other’s capabilities.

I have worked with Marcus for over ten years, both being CEO’s for our respective companies. Marcus is a data-driven person and IT is in his blood! Over the years, I’ve learnt a great deal from Marcus and very much enjoyed working with him.

He’s a particularly driven individual and inspires the same commitment with everyone he works with. This drive assisted us through many challenges and changes. Some were bumpy, though, however bumpy they were, we pulled through together to overcome successfully and develop robust solutions.

Marcus transformed our technology environment to create data-driven solutions that were practical and workable. He has the tenacity and integrity to bring you on board, even when you’re not totally convinced initially.

Marcus is a great individual and team player, I thoroughly recommend him to any institution.
CEO & founder of a distribution company for Amazon. Self-funding CISI course, studying (IOC) compliance qualification. Specialising in Compliance, Risk, Trading (inc. Crypto), Finance Critical Evaluation & Crisis Management.

In sharing skills, we multiply the experience with bring to enabling capabilities.

Marcus is a man with many talents and strings to his business bow. Being able to see the bigger picture is his key skill, while still taking the time to have that eye for detail and make the little touches happen. This separates him from the crowd and puts him literally head and shoulders above the norm.
Owner at steveruffley.com