After many years online, the absolute best part is collaborating, creating and inventing with so many smart people around the world.

Colleagues have become friends, and challenges become achievements greater than any one of us — with further connections to so many people, places, cultures, views and skills.

Our commonality being for communications, design, development, ecommerce, publishing, and media production.

We use technology to help more people, find more value, and enable meaningful experiences for their diverse needs, lives and stories.

You can browse our latest work, projects and connections on my links page.

Feedback is one of the greatest gifts you can give any creator, so if you find something you like, or don't, or have any recommendations of your own, please do let me know.

How can I help?

Free advice

My advice here is free but my time is finite, so let's use both our time wisely.

If I can point you in the right direction, I'm happy to do that and hear how you get on, so feel free to ask.

My curiosity is not entirely altruistic. Much of what you will find here was inspired by mine, or my friends & colleagues, challenges and case studies — in working out what to do, researching how to do it, and testing many options along the way. We need your challenges and experience to create these solutions.

If it's an interesting question, I may also publish something here, sharing our discoveries for others with similar interests, to learn from and build upon.


People need a living — but businesses need results.

Some people charge for time, or a subscription for an ongoing service.

I work as part of a team, with experts all in the 10 to 20 years experience range, to understand what you're looking for, make it happen in a measurable way, and be sure our work pays for itself.

By putting your ultimate audience first, the rest becomes apparent in the process of serving and satisfying those that enjoy our collective creations.

Research & Recommendations

If it's online or on a computing device of some kind, I can help narrow down your options and give you ideas — without prejudice for commissions, independent from any single provider, and preferring the ethics, privacy and security of mature open-source platforms, where possible.

Digital decisions are often a commitment that you'll want to live with for a very long time  — to save yourself from continual reinvention, or the limbo of time-consuming and hazardous later migrations for cost-efficiency.

The goals is always to work with systems that are designed with your needs and affordability in mind first but equally have sustainable business-models themselves — to evolve with you, and our continually changing technology connections.

I use the term work for this page — but much of what I do is in identifying and making uncreative work redundant.

I do this by studying the objectives and finding ways to eliminate the robotic, repetitive, mindless and unnecessary reinventions.

Some people can find this a little intimidating at first, if they rely on routine work for minimal challenge in retaining a regular income - but the people that can continually find and eliminate unnecessary work are the most interesting to work with, and will never have a shortage of new challenges to add efficiency and value with their creations.

Work is an omni-purpose term, and often the most satisfying work that any of us do is when we are creating things or connecting people, knowledge and experience - what we better describe as living, and should aspire equally to for ourselves and for others.

The ultimate aim in all my research is to help people make choices that minimise the routine and laborious — and enable the imaginative and human aspects of making what we do a proud part of who we are.

I love research challenges too, so this is my favourite kind of work because finding just the right thing or way can enable so much more when the things you work with have a great empathy and passion for making your work enjoyable too.

Project Management

If you need me to get something done for you, let's first see if it is achievable, what results you would consider a success and how you're thinking about getting there.

I can recommend managed-services or self-managed utilities, and experienced specialists for almost all digital, creative and business needs, with a sub-contracted or direct employment relationship, as preferred.

This is my primary work and career experience, so we can chat in confidence and, if it's my personal and professional service you need, we can talk more about availability, time-scale and getting results.

What we do is a team effort, with a broad range of skills and experience, so my primary work is with a team of trusted people over many years, that can do more than any one of us alone. I'm sure you'll you'll find it refreshing, getting to know what our good team of veterans in online technologies can do!

Ask me anything 📥

[email protected] or contact me through your preferred channel.

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