These are my personal preferences from experience.

If you want to do some or all of the things I do — or you need me or my good friends to help you — this is what we use and know…

Operating Systems

In order of experience:

  1. Mac
  2. WebApps
  3. Windows
  4. Linux,* Ubuntu* & Pop!_OS*
  5. ChromeOS
  6. iOS
  7. Android
  8. Rudder* Client Management

*Free (as-in freedom) Open Source Software (FOSS)[1]

Software & Services

In approximate order of usage and recommendation:




  • Enpass (password manager & two-factor authentication)
  • Bitwarden* (password manager & two-factor authentication)
  • Lastpass (password manager)
  • Dashlane (password manager)
  • PrivateBin* (secure messaging across insecure platforms)
  • Authy (two-factor authentication)
  • Cryptomator* (secure files on insecure storage)
  • Strongbox* (secure files on insecure storage)






Analysis & Reporting

Domains & Network Management

  • Namecheap (good if you need collaborative assistance too)
  • Ionos 1&1 (covers some other domain extensions)
  • Marcaria (international domains others don’t cover)
  • Sedo (domain resale marketplace)
  • Cloudflare (hosting direction & security, good if you need collaborative assistance too)
  • DNS Made Easy (fastest DNS service)
  • DNSimple (fastest managed DNS service)
  • BuddyNS (backup DNS)
  • Amazon AWS Route53 (alternative DNS)
  • DNSPerf (DNS performance & service comparison)
  • DNSFilter (DNS-level user protection)
  • BunnyCDN (fast and affordable Content Delivery Network for speeding up website access to audiences around the world)
  • X4B (firewall as a service for hosts that don’t have that)
  • Sercurius (test your website & web app for security best-practice)

Payment Processing


  • Transferwise (multi-currency-banking for lower exchange-rate costs)
  • Monzo (multi-currency payments to save on exchange     costs)
  • Blockchain Exchange (the cheapest & safest way I know to buy Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies)

Music & Audio




Federated Publishing

Free (as-in freedom) Open-Source Software (FOSS) – is an ethical way to provide software services for; transparency, security, freedom, privacy, data-ownership, collaboration, developer credit & promotion – and simply good online citizen karma in return for the countless community projects you already benefit from that form the foundations a free and inclusive internet. ↩︎

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