Sometimes, it’s just better for us to have a few things in writing — to help us clarify our expectations, and find our consensus ad idem.

These are some of those common things, I respectfully hope we can agree on:

In the spirit of helping others to create their own blogs, websites, memberships, services, consulting and publishing services, I am specifically attaching the open-source GNU Free Document Licence.

You may freely copy and use these legal pages in whole, part, or modified, for your own similar needs.

Nothing herein should be construed as qualified or complete legal or security advice, especially considering the hundreds of jurisdiction and devices you can read from that I know little of.

Feel free to have your own friendly qualified-lawyer glance over any of them — and do let me know any feedback — to help the cause for making this part of website building as super easy, fair, and safe for all.

This is a free & open-source document ♎️

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