There's no marks for copying without permissions, and there could be costs to us both, so let's agree here to make sure we're clear on what's good.

The internet and software is incredible now at identifying copyright, plagiarism and original sources when so much of it is continually stored and eternally archived in search engines. If you don't believe me, try using a Getty image without receiving a stern legal following, or uploading a video including your favourite pop-music to YouTube without asking and having your account blocked. It's spooky what they know!

The content of this website, as a source of information, education and entertainment, is intended, designed and published to be consumed from this website, email newsletter subscriptions, social media posts, comments, conversations, and various marketplaces under accounts I exclusively setup and manage with the same name and reference back to this domain.

The principles of the articles, guides and content may also describe how to do similar. They are designed only to be followed as an anecdotal educational resource for those seeking inspiration from my experience and publications to enable and encourage your own original creations.

However, it will not help you or me if you copy my original, non-standard content in full – search engines will detect plagiarism and attribute authority to my prior art. They may either credit my ranking as the originator, and demote your own for not being unique, or potentially cause either or both or us significant damages to reputation in any confusion — with my reputation specifically being for the creation of original content, and that content being my property and value to protect with the fair and reasonable worldwide copyright laws, designed specifically for these safeguards and securities in being a creator and rewarded for the creation of original content.

I consider it fair-use if you wish to quote me on up to 10% of any original content, page, images, sound and video, as a quote, clip, crop or low resolution thumbnail, with a source reference to my name as the author and backlink to the original content, for which you can rely on this copyright agreement page to support your explicit permission within that limit and the context of editorial reporting.

My original images, sound and video must be used only in full if you have explicit written permission for their specific usage via email confirmation from me.

For 3rd-party content, that I am using with permission, my permissions and usages are not implied to be for onward licensing. If you wish to use the same or similar content for another purpose, you must contact the original referenced copyright owner to seek your own permissions under their terms. Stock imagery will contain the source website name and unique identification code within the file name in reference to the source and my licence agreement from that licensee.

If you would like to re-publish any of my articles on your platform, please ask. All reasonable requests will be obliged, and I'll help you make sure the content is suitable and method of publishing advantageous with the appropriate canonical backlink for search-engine recognition as-such. Your advantage being in serving your own audience with articles they can search within your own curated community and context, and your audience recognising your respect for attribution and our good friendship in collaboration to share these things.

In the spirit of promoting open-source software and content, any open-source content I publish or reference will always include the provided licence agreement it was published with and is specified for onward inclusion in all copies or variations.

My own open-source publishing will also include a licence agreement within the root directory of the repository or directory containing the work.

For single standard-form text pages or files, where I am the original creator but see value in enabling others to copy the same for their own similar usage, that page or file will explicitly and specifically reference the open-source licensing agreement-type, source link and copyright information that must be included in copies or variations.

You may also find this and similar agreements in various licensed or open-source document services, such as Docracy, for your own copyright agreement page design needs.

You own contributions to this website or my various social media accounts and portals are only received and published upon condition of your acceptance of this open-source Contributor Licence Agreement.

Copies of this copyright agreement, and other standard legal pages on this website, may be used by my clients included with my work on website and content design, development and consultancy, in whole or part, as part of our service agreement, with similar expressions of intended use for business and collaboration, without being assumed to be legal advice, and with the recommendation that independent legal advice should be sought if any of this work is to be relied upon for your own content and agreement security needs.

Suspected infringement of my copyright works for any content on this website or linked portals and social media, including impersonated accounts, may be reported by email to [email protected].

Otherwise, all rights are reserved for my original content by myself, Marcus Quinn, in my work as a professional author and consultant.

Be nice, play fair, and I hope this encourages you in your own original creation and publishing, with confidence in your unique value too.

This is a free & open-source document ♎️

Copyright © 2020 Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this article or parts thereof of under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation Licence, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the full licence is included in the link below entitled "GNU Free Documentation License" (US spelling).

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