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A space odyssey for the mind 🔭

There’s something about astrophysics I find quite comforting and cathartic — it’s the perspective it gives us on our significance as observers, in a place and time on a cosmic scale.

Image credit: © Melody Sheep


Just as our terminal fragility makes life so important, the microscopic scale of our brief view of the universe reminds me how precious our fractions of time really are.

Add to this the capabilities of modern computer-generated graphics and space artists — illustrating this beauty, with infinite detail, in imagery & video — we can take a journey through time and space, far beyond our mortal boundaries.

It is here that the magical happens — within a spectacle of the limitless bounds of our space traveller’s imagination.

Coupled with our cumulative comprehension of maths, science, physics —  we can keep challenging our beliefs, in an out-of-body exploration through our mind’s eye.

So, here we are, sharing electrons, pixels, and ideas.

These are some of the mind-wandering explorations I’ve enjoyed, travelling on a journey of the mind, thanks to so many wondrous explorers, before and among us…

Melody Sheep

John D. Boswell, a filmmaker, composer, and editor with over 100 million views to-date, treats us to a mixture of familiar narration, spectacular graphics, and original music production.

John has a truly envious focus on mastering of his craft — so much so, I’m sure you’ll find his awesome work speaks for itself.

If you watch just one video here, please make it this…


TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K, 29:20)

LIFE BEYOND: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (4K, 30:25)

The Secret History of the Moon (4K, 15:04)

Further reading and exploration with MelodySheep

Cool Worlds

The Cool Worlds Lab (http://coolworlds.astro.columbia.edu), based at the Department of Astronomy, Columbia University, is a team of astronomers seeking to discover and understand alien worlds, particularly those where temperatures are cool enough for life, led by Professor David Kipping. Content is primarily written, produced and presented by David Kipping, but regularly features his students and visitors as guest presenters.

David provides much food for thought with his mixture of maths, physics & philosophy for a journey in space & time, pondering many of our questions for the meaning and miracle of life, the universe and everything.

Why we might be alone in the Universe (1080p HD, 24:57)

Travelling Back in Time (1080p HD, 29:17)

Becoming a Kardashev Type I Civilization (1080p HD, 16:32)

Is Earth Being Watched (1080p HD, 15:16)

The Odds of Life and Intelligence (1080p HD, 28:12)

Interstellar Highway System (1080p HD, 30:53)

Further exploration with Cool Worlds

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